• Ning Wang

Statement on Certain False Allegations

Recently, certain online media have published false articles about Platinum Fortune LP and Macarthur Fortune Holding LLC. The articles include allegations such as "Platinum Fortune has not successfully acquired Jagex", "Platinum Fortune was prevented from acquiring Jagex by the British Court", and "Platinum Fortune has received a STOP ORDER from the British Court". These allegations are fabricated and false.

The spread of such false information through the internet has caused confusion among our partners and investors. In view of this, Macarthur Fortune Holding LLC, as the General Partner of Platinum Fortune LP, hereby makes the following statements:

  1. Platinum Fortune LP, a fund managed by Macarthur Fortune Holding LLC, has completed the acquisition of the British video game developer and publisher Jagex in April 2020. Jagex is now a wholly owned subsidiary and under the full control of Platinum Fortune.

  2. The acquisition of Jagex by Platinum Fortune was executed in accordance with the contracts negotiated between the two parties, the terms are fair and reasonable, the transaction process has complied with applicable regulatory rules, and the outcome is legal and valid.

  3. Accordingly, the People’s Court of Jing’An District of Shanghai ruled on April 16, 2020, denying the debtors’ application for injunction and confirming the legitimacy of the Jagex acquisition by Platinum Fortune.

  4. Neither Macarthur Fortune Holding LLC nor Platinum Fortune has received a Stop Order from the British Court.

In addition, certain individuals have been publishing the above false information to achieve their illegal purposes. We have already begun formal legal proceedings against them so as to protect our legitimate interests. We encourage the media to remove the false reports immediately, and we reserve the right to seek full damages and other remedies under the law.

Platinum Fortune LP

Macarthur Fortune Holding LLC

May 1, 2020

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